Medical Management and Patient

It helps in the medical management of their clinical, facilitating data management and treatment of patients in a comfortable and fast, some of them we explain below, but you can always request a demonstration through a seminar in Internet.
By patient management screen you can be controlled personal data, collection and treatment of patients comfortably. CliniGreen lets you have all your data centralized patient record: those made or planned treatments, personal data, payment history, invoices, consents, etc ..
By managing specialties can be easily controlled clinical specialties and productivity of doctors, cliniGreen allows you to keep track of the specialties of medical clinic: orthodontics, implants, prosthetics, etc. In order to facilitate the management of their processes, productivity specialists, etc ..

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cliniGreen is developed with the Dental Clinics

Through more than 15 years of experience in software development for different sectors we have materialized in this solution all our know-how in the field of dental clinics. Our software is based on the vTiger CRM engine which allows you to have the highest levels of robustness of the platform, quality, usability, customer focus and integration with other systems. All this coupled with our ability to develop modules and adaptations on vTiger CRM where we captured the adaptations necessary for the real estate industry to this platform to provide the best software tool in its segment.

Features cliniGreen

cliniGreen includes management of patients and their treatments, schedule of visits, management dentists, opportunity management, automation automatic sending of email for marketing, control access to information by commercial, calendars with events and visits, integration with email plugins for Outlook and Thunderbird, integration with vTiger Apps for IOS and Android Smartphones among other features.

The main modules and features in cliniGreen are:

- Management of patients and treatments

- Management of laboratories and material purchases

- Management specialty clinic

- Comprehensive management of customer relations, commercial tracking of client

- Management of dentists

- Management of marketing campaigns advertising

- Precontracts management, life cycle sale, from pre-contact to closed sale

- Monitoring business opportunities detected property sales with customers

- Budget management and sales invoices, track customer collections

- Analysis and business reports, dashboards design, preparation of new listings and reports

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